Services & Repairs

Outstanding ongoing support

Qmax provides a range of service and repair options for your harsh environment, industrial and commercial telecommunications systems.

The efficiency of most communications systems will diminish over time due to changes in noise levels and repositioning of plant equipment on site. Buzzing on the speakers, low audio levels and echoing are common problems that can develop with long term use.

Qmax’s experience with paging and intercom systems enables us to provide system checks, adjustments and advice to overcome these problems. In fact, many of the sites we have checked have had faults unknown to the site personnel and our adjustments have improved the performance of their system. There are also additional products available that offer features to improve communications in specific areas and problem spots.

Keeping your system well maintained involves an initial visit to site for checking, adjusting and providing a comprehensive report with details of the current status of your system, minor repairs carried out and recommendations for changes or improvements. This is followed up with regular scheduled services to keep your system performing at its peak.

We also offer an economical, quick turnaround repair service for more involved equipment repairs.

Our experience gained over nearly three decades of working with equipment in this field allows us to provide commissioning and / or supervisory services that save you a lot of time and effort in trying to commission something that you may not be familiar with. We can offer these efficient services because we are dealing with these systems on a continual basis.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in saving time and effort on maintaining a safer more reliable system for your industrial communications requirements.