Communication Products

Purpose built

Harsh environment telephones, intercoms and paging systems.

Qmax offers a comprehensive range of communications products, systems and equipment for use in harsh environment, industrial and commercial applications. The equipment is built to withstand even the most challenging environments and provides outstanding results and reliability in many varied applications.


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Here you can download information in the form of PDF files for the following products:

Product features that provide further benefits for your communications systems:

Yellow Enclosures

Yellow Enclosures are a safety feature on our Outdoor Telephones, Page/Talk stations and Acoustic Booths that allow ease of identification so they do not blend into the background with all the other equipment.

Spring closed doors

Spring closed doors provide additional protection to handsets for cleaner operation and longer product life.

Automatic speaker volume control

Page/Talk stations have the option of Automatic Volume Control of the paging speakers. This feature alters the speaker volume up and down to compensate for changes in local noise near the station. Thus greatly reducing the effects of being blasted by a loud speaker when the plant or equipment in the area has shut down and is quiet.


These telephones are designed to provide reliable communications in environments subject to moisture, dust and corrosive chemicals, such as:

Amusement Parks
Swimming Pools
Transit Authorities

Cement Plants
Construction Sites
Food Processing

Processing plants
Plant Entry Gates
Pulp & Paper Mills
Sewage Plant
And more…

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